Good Morning!

Saturday morning was never the same as I started walking at the Jumeirah open beach. Its good they provided a jogging path and a separate cycling path across the beach. People are taking advantage of the nice weather – not so cold and a now a bit warm. I myself took the chance to move my butt and walk the 1.5 kilometer stretch twice. Its such a nice experience brisk walking while listening to your favorite praise and worship songs and praying as well, not to mention the enjoyment seeing the sight of nature and even its fresh sea breeze caressing one’s face.

I just pray that I can sustain and maintain my new found activity. So help me God.



Dubai Marathon Challenge

Yesterday was a surprise.

We woke up and saw that 3 of the major arteries in our area were closed – 2nd December Street, Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Road. They closed theme for the Dubai Marathon that started early in the freezing morning.

Yesterday was a challenge.

Since roads were closed, and since it was a Friday-church day, it was a challenge for us churchgoers to get to the venue of worship that was a few kilometers across our side of the road.

Yesterday was victorious.

So the roads were closed leading to the worship venue for yesterday’s worship service. But hey, nothing can stop us from going to the service and worship the Living God, and so we got into our vehicles and parked them at nearest to the worship venue. So we got to the venue, worshiped, heard the Word of God and we also got to flex our legs a bit – much needed.

Thanks to the Dubai Marathon.
Thanks be to God Almighty.
Victory to You Lord Jesus.

First Time Gold

Thank God for a victorious worship last Friday.

It was the church’s first worship service at the Hotel and it was wonderful. The Praise & Worship was full of declaration of the Jesus Christ’s Lordship, the Message was of good success and a prophetic word caused excitement from the expectant brethren.

There will be some tweaking and fine tuning in the next Fridays but it was generally victorious.

Thank You Father!
Thank You Lord Jesus!
Thank You Holy Spirit!

6th WIN

Yesterday was a fun-filled blessed day for Word International Ministries-Satwa (WIN-Satwa), our local church for its 6th founding year celebration.

We had a great time in the presence of the Lord Jesus at the Gold Swiss Belhotel. It was our first time in this venue and it was superb-minus a minor glitch in the air conditioning. The Technical team went ahead setting up everything and people came with ample time to get settled and prepare for the Lord’s presence.

Songs, dances, food, joy and God’s Word filled the day.

Members and guests came together worshiping the Lord Jesus. The heat was on when the Praise and Worship Team led the church in songs of love and adoration. How lovely it is to praise and worship the Living God.

The hotel presented a sumptuous open buffet for all of us and we had lunch up to the brim. Yummy!

Special thanks to the Praise and Worship Team for a job well done.

It was really a blessed day.

And it’s only the first part.



Last Friday’s Worship Service can be described in one word: AWESOME

From the Opening Prayer to the singing of Praise and Worship to the giving of God’s Word and to the Closing Prayer. It was all filled with power – the Power of the Holy Spirit. He was overflowing that day.

We longed for Him. He came. He answered.

We were overwhelmed.

Thank You Holy Father.
Thank You Precious Jesus.
Thank You Holy Spirit.

Back to Serve

Last night was worship night.

The Praise & Worship Team had its regular practice session and we had a great time. I missed this group and this type of praising – singing for the Lord with all our voice, our heart, mind and soul.

Its good to be back singing for the King of Kings.

Thank You Lord for this opportunity.

Praise & Worship

Last night, me and my son, Jeff talked about Praise and Worship differences between our churches. His is on the conservative side singing more of the hymns with a conductor leading the singing. Ours is more on the free-flowing type tends to be energetic, emotional and expressive, with a worship leader at the front.

He said that their church doesn’t like my church’s type of P&W. I explained to him that in our church, we can express freely how we feel to the Lord, not minding dignity nor vanity. I also told him that we cannot contain God in a box of hymns and beats but instead allow Him to minister to us in all possible ways.

I also told him that once he is used to our P&W, he will like it more, knowing him to be a music lover just like me. He can freely express himself in worship to the Lord.

I pray for that.

I say amen to that.