Here are some words that came out today:

A true friend is one who shows up when you’re passing through the valley of death and walks with you right through it.

There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. He never leaves nor forsakes His friends. He lightens burdens. He allows them to have rest. He quenches thirsts, fills hungers. He loves enemies, more so friends. He gives all. And still is more.

His name is Jesus.

Do you have Him as your Friend?


If the Lord points you to a man and say “Follow him”, will you do so or ask “Why him Lord?”
If the Lord says to you “Give it up”, will you do so or say “Oh my!…”
and if the Lord whispers to you “Can you do this for Me?”, will you do so or say “Sure Lord…but…”.

And if you truly believe that the Lord’s Word is sharper than a two-edged sword, will you thrust it into your own heart or say ” just a sec… this is too much”?


When everyone abhors you, the Lord loves you.
When everyone sees you as schmuck, He sees you as His eye’s apple.
And when everyone turns their backs on you as you stumble, He stoops down and grabs you by the hand saying “even if you stumble, you will not fall… I’m holding you.”


Last Friday’s Worship Service can be described in one word: AWESOME

From the Opening Prayer to the singing of Praise and Worship to the giving of God’s Word and to the Closing Prayer. It was all filled with power – the Power of the Holy Spirit. He was overflowing that day.

We longed for Him. He came. He answered.

We were overwhelmed.

Thank You Holy Father.
Thank You Precious Jesus.
Thank You Holy Spirit.