Hi all! I’m back in the Philippines for my 1 month annual vacation.

I’m staying right now at the Mabuhay ManorĀ  a few meters away from the airport. It’s a little past 2AM now and here I am still… BLOGGING!!! Anyways, I’ll be travelling by bus later today up north to Pangasinan province to be with my wifey and kids and spend our much needed time together.

Thank God for every favor He’s been showering me every step of the way from Dubai to Hong Kong to the Philippines.

Love You Lord!

Home is where the heart is.

God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

After a few months of struggling within, now I’m going back home to the Philippines for a 1-month vacation. It’ll be my 2nd in 2 years… nice huh?

No work, all play.

No bosses, all kids.

No worries, all fun.

Praise God!

Thank God!

Post photo-stare

After a day of more staring at photos, finally, it’s finished. Arnold and I trimmed down the selection and hand-picked the best photos among the better pictures. From almost a thousand shots, we now have a little more than 300 of them.


Guess what? Most probably, I will do the visual concept of this project in the next few weeks. There’s a probable bonus: I might go to Syria with him to visit Dar Atiah. That is after the July vacation, and provided the big boss gives it a nod.

Very nice.