Post photo-stare

After a day of more staring at photos, finally, it’s finished. Arnold and I trimmed down the selection and hand-picked the best photos among the better pictures. From almost a thousand shots, we now have a little more than 300 of them.


Guess what? Most probably, I will do the visual concept of this project in the next few weeks. There’s a probable bonus: I might go to Syria with him to visit Dar Atiah. That is after the July vacation, and provided the big boss gives it a nod.

Very nice.


Arnold, our editor-in-chief went back from Syria 2 days ago. He brought with him hundreds of photos in DVDs of an old town in Syria – Dar Atiah. My initial task? To pick the best photos from similar shots of the various sceneries and subjects taken in that town.

My head burned yesterday as the day ended with me staring at each photograph, looking for differences, picking out the better ones.

What are these for? That will be the next attraction.

As for now, I continue today with still a couple of hundreds left to stare at.

One day more.