Good Morning!

Saturday morning was never the same as I started walking at the Jumeirah open beach. Its good they provided a jogging path and a separate cycling path across the beach. People are taking advantage of the nice weather – not so cold and a now a bit warm. I myself took the chance to move my butt and walk the 1.5 kilometer stretch twice. Its such a nice experience brisk walking while listening to your favorite praise and worship songs and praying as well, not to mention the enjoyment seeing the sight of nature and even its fresh sea breeze caressing one’s face.

I just pray that I can sustain and maintain my new found activity. So help me God.




Today, I was led to pray for these nations:

Saudi Arabia

All these countries are experiencing shaking nowadays.
Join me in prayer that the Lord may have mercy on these countries in behalf of His remnants who are in these lands. Also pray for strength, provisions and protection for His churches in these countries so that they may serve as sanctuaries of the oppressed and broken hearted in their areas.

Godbless everyone.