Good Morning!

Saturday morning was never the same as I started walking at the Jumeirah open beach. Its good they provided a jogging path and a separate cycling path across the beach. People are taking advantage of the nice weather – not so cold and a now a bit warm. I myself took the chance to move my butt and walk the 1.5 kilometer stretch twice. Its such a nice experience brisk walking while listening to your favorite praise and worship songs and praying as well, not to mention the enjoyment seeing the sight of nature and even its fresh sea breeze caressing one’s face.

I just pray that I can sustain and maintain my new found activity. So help me God.




Today, I was led to pray for these nations:

Saudi Arabia

All these countries are experiencing shaking nowadays.
Join me in prayer that the Lord may have mercy on these countries in behalf of His remnants who are in these lands. Also pray for strength, provisions and protection for His churches in these countries so that they may serve as sanctuaries of the oppressed and broken hearted in their areas.

Godbless everyone.



I want you first to check out that picture attached dito sa note.

Now when you’ve seen that old owner-type jeep, I want you to look carefully at the roof. No, there ain’t no ghost 😛

At the roof of the jeep, I lie there almost every night. Then I watch the stars. Then, pray.

Tonight’s night sky displayed more stars than the other night’s night-sky. They are also more vivid. They are also, more enlightening. They are better than the blinking lights on our Christmas tree. Their beauty can’t be matched by fireworks. The cold and gentle wind rushed and met my face and my whole body. The leaves from the branches from the neighborhood tree tickled my ears. I can almost neglect the annoying mosquitoes. I can almost forget about everything. Including my worries. My problems. My mistakes.

An idea was shot to my mind – to take a picture of the wondrous beauty of the night-sky. I quickly jumped off that car roof and rushed to get the camera. I took a picture of the night-sky, but was so disappointed since the only light I saw was that of Venus (yes, I adjusted everything in the camera already). I thought that maybe, this masterpiece was meant for only me to see. And I thought that I must be so special.

I suddenly had a desire to have her beside me to watch the night sky with me. It would be so romantic. If she doesn’t mind the mosquitoes, that is.

Then it just came to me that December 25 is just days away. And another worry came to me: the presents! I don’t have enough money! I tilted my head and looked at the three linear stars from Orion and whispered, “Oh God. I know it’s a very common problem, and I know millions are having the same problem, but would You please at least remind me to be thrifty this week? And also, bless me and my family, in Jesus’ name Amen.”

Yes. Whenever I encounter a financial problem, I pray. That may seem unlikely for me, but I do it. And if I don’t, I’d be constantly worrying about how and where to get money (as if I have mouths to feed), (and as if, my allowance isn’t the only source of money I have). Then I spent a couple of minutes budgeting the possibilities.

I looked at the night sky again and saw that more stars appeared and they seemed to be more vivid than ever. Again, I cast off my worry and admire the stars, and feel the cold December wind.

I went inside my room, (darn mosquitoes), and realized that I’ve been lying in that roof for only more than an hour. It made me think, because I thought I was lying there for more than that.

Since I felt the urge to share that moment, I typed this and tagged you, hoping that this is worth your time 🙂

No, I am not the writer.
Yes, it is my son
… in whom I am well pleased.

Pray for them

Just this morning, I received message that my two nieces are sick. NJ has dengue fever, and the little one, JJ has pneumonia.

I pray for them. The Word of God is truly of comfort, especially for the two of us brothers who are here in far away Dubai.

Here it is:

John 14:1, 13-14 says

“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.”

“And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.”

I pray for them with comfort in my heart that the Lord Jesus Christ gave. And so will my brother Joel.

Please pray for them as well.

Praise & Worship

Last night, me and my son, Jeff talked about Praise and Worship differences between our churches. His is on the conservative side singing more of the hymns with a conductor leading the singing. Ours is more on the free-flowing type tends to be energetic, emotional and expressive, with a worship leader at the front.

He said that their church doesn’t like my church’s type of P&W. I explained to him that in our church, we can express freely how we feel to the Lord, not minding dignity nor vanity. I also told him that we cannot contain God in a box of hymns and beats but instead allow Him to minister to us in all possible ways.

I also told him that once he is used to our P&W, he will like it more, knowing him to be a music lover just like me. He can freely express himself in worship to the Lord.

I pray for that.

I say amen to that.