The Right Reason

nativity sceneMany prepare for Christmas a long time before the day itself. Some even feel ‘Christmassy’ when the ‘ber’ months pile in. Some begin their shopping early. While others go far to find that perfect bargain, some fly great distances just to buy the most expensive for the most loved. Many take time cooking that special dish for that special day or dress up their homes. Most of us make sure that Christmas day will be fun and festive, indeed a very special day.

How about that first Christmas night? All grandeur and festivities were absent that humble night. Not a firework in the sky except for that GPS-like star. Not much festivities also, aside from the lowly shepherds in awe at what they witnessed. Yes, great lengths were travelled, not to buy gifts, but to give them-gold, frankincense, myrrh-all brought from afar for someone unknown and… well… unloved by many. The simplicity of this night might make contrasts with the festivities of our own.

But this simple night is what its all about. It’s the bridge between ‘in the beginning’ and ‘it is finished’. It’s John 3:16 heard from a baby’s cry. It’s salvation Himself born. Grace in the flesh – Jesus.

He is what this season is all about. Let us remember that the best gift we can give Him is a lost soul. The best meal we can have is His Words. And the best time to share Him is today.

A blessed Christmas to all.

First Time Gold

Thank God for a victorious worship last Friday.

It was the church’s first worship service at the Hotel and it was wonderful. The Praise & Worship was full of declaration of the Jesus Christ’s Lordship, the Message was of good success and a prophetic word caused excitement from the expectant brethren.

There will be some tweaking and fine tuning in the next Fridays but it was generally victorious.

Thank You Father!
Thank You Lord Jesus!
Thank You Holy Spirit!