Photoshopped Sky


I was amazed at the sky above Dubai today.

It was just a wide expanse of gradient blue and not a single cloud in sight. It’s like the whole sky was tweaked in Photoshop. The weather is nice, cool and not as cold as the previous days. I took the two pictures this morning outside our office with my humble Nokia 7230. I thought of my brother, thinking I should give him a call for him to take a picture of Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab as the sky offered a Photoshopped background. But then again, I forgot, as I smile towards the heavens saying “Hi Father, what a fabulous treat You have for me today! Thank You!” and went back to my room and basked myself in the radiance of my… laptop screen.

Thank You Father God I have a job… a good one to say the least.

Thank You Father God i’ve got You… and that’s the best – ever.

It’s all about You

Its all about Jesus. Its all about Him.

His life, His works, His suffering, His death, His resurrection, His Kingship, His Kingdom, His coming, everything.

“everything” meant everything. You, me, living, non-living – everything – is about Him, from Him, through Him, for Him.

Search for the “left hook” of Louie Giglio (How Great Is Our God series) and you’ll see that everything literally holds together through the Lord Jesus. Look at creation and you’ll see that all of it points back to Him-the Source of everything. Read the Bible and you’ll see that everything in it is JESUS, JESUS, JESUS.

And guess what, all the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit did and is doing and will do will always be for the love of YOU. Yes, you, for God created this world and you to have dominion over it. He devised plans to prosper you. He gave His only begotten Son-allowed Him to die-for you. He looks after you and He will come again for you.

HE LOVES YOU. He soooo loves you. He is passionate for you. He cares for you. He listens to your calls. He waits on you. He searches you. He’s reaching for you. He wants you. He is there for you. (Man, this will be endless) He longs for you.

Maybe then when you come face to face with God, He will tell you “My child, this is all for you… because I love you”

So while your living your life for the Lord Jesus, remember that you are able to because Jesus loves you so much.

Love Him back and say “Thank You so much Lord”.