Just a mall

We went to the mall yesterday and shopped for some clothes, walked around, ate dinner, had fun together. It was a short time out together, but indeed, it was something to cherish. Besides, I’m with them just 30 days in a year.

I love being with my family.

I love my family.

Tender Loving Care

Hi all!

I was with my wife yesterday at a shopping mall in Dagupan City. I was amazed at the similarities of the differences of customer care and products in the Philippines and Dubai.

We went to this American burger chain and ordered chicken and burgers… man, it is very small, i mean the serving is so small compared to the servings given back in Dubai. ¬†And the bill went into the hundreds of pesos. Honestly I was dismayed.

We went to look for task lighting for our dining area at home, and we found a very classic, very nice decorated drop light… it suited my taste. But voila! it had defects on it although it went past the 1000 peso mark. I still bought it.

We also went shopping (or tried to) for shoes, at a favorite boutique, I saw a fairly-priced pair of sneakers, tried it, liked it… it was comfortable. But hey, I was told that the price tag on the display shoe is lower than the actual pair i am about to purchase… Why? Apparently, the saleslady told me that I was out-of-luck (as if I believe in it) because of a single letter difference between the 2 stocks. We ended up leaving the place more dismayed and empty-handed.

Before going back home, we had dinner at an all-Pinoy (chinoy really) burger chain and ordered burger with TLC (Tomato-Lettuce-Cheese) I was asked to wait for 5 minutes after which I was given a burger with… TL… where’s the C??? I chanced to see the supervisor and told her about it, in no time, she replaced it with a new one… with double TLC… Tomato-Lettuce-Cheese and Tender Loving Care.

Looking at the bright side of things, back in Dubai, the food servings are huge and the quality is almost impeccable, but how they treat customers is no match for the Pinoy’s treatment to their customers. This very thing compliments what is lacking in our product quality. It is a source of satisfaction for me. ¬†Tender Loving Care.

Be proud Pinoy!

God bless everyone!