Tai Chi in Dubai

I was with my usual walking along the roads of Dubai. This time around, i went all the way to Dubai Creek. I saw some Chinese doing Tai Chi at the park. There were also badminton games and some aerobic dances.

The weather is indeed getting better.


Thank God for this season.

Silly Me

It was a Tuesday, and it was Praise & Worship practice night. I walked in the hall and my friends we’re all smiles… some were laughing.


I was wearing a HONG KONG t-shirt.

So what’s funny about that? Just the other day, 8 Chinese nationals died in a hostage situation in the Philippines and the Chinese were raging with anger.

Silly me… good thing I didn’t bump into some Chinese here in Dubai. My shirt could have been ripped off. Hehehe

We ended practice night worshiping the Lord Jesus with all our voices, our hearts and our spirits.