Today’s bus schedule was such a lamer. I’m singling out bus no. 13A from Al Ahli bus stop going to Al Gusais Industrial Area 3.

#30 minutes of waiting was not good at all. This dampens the hopeful spirit of enthusiastic Greenline riders wanting to arrive early at their destinations.

“What to do?” is the word for this kind of days.

Well, thank God I reached the office safe and sound.

In Search Of

This day started with a quest – for a different transportation route option, that is.

I took 3 buses and a train to go to work today. Firstly, I got on a C15 bus going to the Dubai Metro Station, took the train and got off after 4 stations, took a stride to the nearest bus stop, waited for like 15 minutes, grabbed the 22 bus and sped off, got off again before the bus took the u-turn to wherever, got the last bus (X13) after 5 minutes and walked almost half a kilometer to office sweet office.

Tiring, frustrating, but indeed, FUN!

Have a nice day!


What the bus?

This morning, I took bus #C19 going to the office. I needed to get to another bus to reach my office. I got off C19 and waited for bus # 13A. 5 minutes… no bus. 15 mins… no bus. 45 minutes… NO BUS!!!

I still have to take taxi as I was 30 minutes late for work. Taxi will take 5 minutes and 13A will take 15 minutes to reach my office.

What the bus?

Dubai Bus

I walked as fast as I could – it was scorching hot outside. My objective? -To get to the shade and wait for the bus. Bus was there in no time. Yeah!

But man, how turtle-like are we going? The driver must be in a hum-dee-dum-dum mood. But thank God we’re moving.

I have to change flights as usual. Got down and waited for the connecting flight. Stepped into the bus stop-it is hot as hell outside.

Good thing stops here are air conditioned.

Here comes the other bus. This one’s a speedy for a double-decker. The driver is on his toes. I am in my office in a jiffy.

Nice start eh?

Thank You Lord.