Photoshopped Sky


I was amazed at the sky above Dubai today.

It was just a wide expanse of gradient blue and not a single cloud in sight. It’s like the whole sky was tweaked in Photoshop. The weather is nice, cool and not as cold as the previous days. I took the two pictures this morning outside our office with my humble Nokia 7230. I thought of my brother, thinking I should give him a call for him to take a picture of Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab as the sky offered a Photoshopped background. But then again, I forgot, as I smile towards the heavens saying “Hi Father, what a fabulous treat You have for me today! Thank You!” and went back to my room and basked myself in the radiance of my… laptop screen.

Thank You Father God I have a job… a good one to say the least.

Thank You Father God i’ve got You… and that’s the best – ever.

Nice Trip!

Yesterday, I received a surprise call from Joel. We get to ride in a yacht that night. But I had a previous engagement that I cannot cancel. I didn’t go with them.

Here are some of what I missed:


Nice view huh?

Is it like your car Joel?

Kuya Dads has the con!

Ah! Joel has the con!

Here’s how they light the bridges here in Dubai.

Nice set of skyscrapers!

This is the Burj Al Arab here in Dubai. That’s one huge Cross!

Thanks for the pics guys!