Photoshopped Sky


I was amazed at the sky above Dubai today.

It was just a wide expanse of gradient blue and not a single cloud in sight. It’s like the whole sky was tweaked in Photoshop. The weather is nice, cool and not as cold as the previous days. I took the two pictures this morning outside our office with my humble Nokia 7230. I thought of my brother, thinking I should give him a call for him to take a picture of Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab as the sky offered a Photoshopped background. But then again, I forgot, as I smile towards the heavens saying “Hi Father, what a fabulous treat You have for me today! Thank You!” and went back to my room and basked myself in the radiance of my… laptop screen.

Thank You Father God I have a job… a good one to say the least.

Thank You Father God i’ve got You… and that’s the best – ever.