A Walk To Remember


When did you start walking with Jesus?

Do you remember?

Can you clearly recall? How Jesus took you by the hand and led you to the narrow path? How He gently whispered in your ear ‘You’re Mine.’ How he begun guiding every step of your way? Yeah, sometimes you resisted, but He said again and again, ‘I love you My child.’ Surely you can remember. It is the journey of the lifetime. It is the small-step-for-you-a-giant-leap-for-mankind kind of thing, and it is all worth the effort… and the faith.

But there were mud pools, potholes and humps along the way, things you can’t imagine yourself stepping onto, but you did. In fact, you sometimes stood for a while on it, even wallowed in it. There were also areas where it said ‘STOPOVER’ and you did stopped over. There were signs too that says ‘Min. Speed: 7’ and at times you were oh too lazy to even get to 5, but you kept moving along. You just kept walking.

So when you see yourself almost spent, tired and aching. When you almost ground to a halt.
Remember, you are not alone in this journey. There is One holding you with His strong arm. One who promised never to leave nor forsake you in the middle of nowhere. Remember Him-Jesus, who started walking with you that day assuring you He’d be finishing it too. He promised to renew your strength and keep you going. Then, again, you will find the strength to go on and finish the race called life.

Just remember: Walk on! Walk with Jesus!