I’ve never been to me

Men go abroad
to wander at the height of mountains,
the huge waves of the sea,
the long course of rivers,
the vast 
compass of the ocean,
the circular motion of the stars,
but they pass by themselves
and they dont even notice.

   – Augustine

It’s amazing how these words come to life.

We conquer the moon and the stars, die reaching the highest peak of the Everest, drown in the magnificent beauty and awesome power of nature. But have we conquered our own selves? Have we even tried giving our best? Have we ever wondered how awesome yet humbling it is to be a child of God?

Not everyone will have the opportunity or ability or capability to do things as Augustine mentioned, but all of us have the chance to be our best, to conquer ourselves and to be a child of the Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Maybe then we won’t have to aim for the stars, heights, depths and lengths, but only set ourselves on obedience.

Godbless everyone.

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