Good Morning!

Saturday morning was never the same as I started walking at the Jumeirah open beach. Its good they provided a jogging path and a separate cycling path across the beach. People are taking advantage of the nice weather – not so cold and a now a bit warm. I myself took the chance to move my butt and walk the 1.5 kilometer stretch twice. Its such a nice experience brisk walking while listening to your favorite praise and worship songs and praying as well, not to mention the enjoyment seeing the sight of nature and even its fresh sea breeze caressing one’s face.

I just pray that I can sustain and maintain my new found activity. So help me God.



Dubai Marathon Challenge

Yesterday was a surprise.

We woke up and saw that 3 of the major arteries in our area were closed – 2nd December Street, Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Road. They closed theme for the Dubai Marathon that started early in the freezing morning.

Yesterday was a challenge.

Since roads were closed, and since it was a Friday-church day, it was a challenge for us churchgoers to get to the venue of worship that was a few kilometers across our side of the road.

Yesterday was victorious.

So the roads were closed leading to the worship venue for yesterday’s worship service. But hey, nothing can stop us from going to the service and worship the Living God, and so we got into our vehicles and parked them at nearest to the worship venue. So we got to the venue, worshiped, heard the Word of God and we also got to flex our legs a bit – much needed.

Thanks to the Dubai Marathon.
Thanks be to God Almighty.
Victory to You Lord Jesus.

Photoshopped Sky


I was amazed at the sky above Dubai today.

It was just a wide expanse of gradient blue and not a single cloud in sight. It’s like the whole sky was tweaked in Photoshop. The weather is nice, cool and not as cold as the previous days. I took the two pictures this morning outside our office with my humble Nokia 7230. I thought of my brother, thinking I should give him a call for him to take a picture of Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab as the sky offered a Photoshopped background. But then again, I forgot, as I smile towards the heavens saying “Hi Father, what a fabulous treat You have for me today! Thank You!” and went back to my room and basked myself in the radiance of my… laptop screen.

Thank You Father God I have a job… a good one to say the least.

Thank You Father God i’ve got You… and that’s the best – ever.

Challenge Ahead

I will be procuring a new Macbook Pro for the Dubai office and will be installing in it Adobe CS5. However, the head office in London is using an earlier version, CS4. Would that be a problem? I checked out forums on down-saving files between the 2 versions and found out that it would not be a breeze, as Adobe have introduced major changes in version 5. And then there is this rumor of a 2012 launch of Adobe CS6! Well, well well.

Why won’t Adobe make this backward compatibility thingy a walk in the park?  But hey, one has to buy entrance tickets to walk in parks.

Dear God, thank You for the brilliant marketing minds behind Adobe… and for the parks too.

I’ve never been to me

Men go abroad
to wander at the height of mountains,
the huge waves of the sea,
the long course of rivers,
the vast 
compass of the ocean,
the circular motion of the stars,
but they pass by themselves
and they dont even notice.

   – Augustine

It’s amazing how these words come to life.

We conquer the moon and the stars, die reaching the highest peak of the Everest, drown in the magnificent beauty and awesome power of nature. But have we conquered our own selves? Have we even tried giving our best? Have we ever wondered how awesome yet humbling it is to be a child of God?

Not everyone will have the opportunity or ability or capability to do things as Augustine mentioned, but all of us have the chance to be our best, to conquer ourselves and to be a child of the Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Maybe then we won’t have to aim for the stars, heights, depths and lengths, but only set ourselves on obedience.

Godbless everyone.

New Years of the world
















It’s amazing to know that not all people around the world celebrate New Year on the 1st of January. Here are some that I saw in Wikipedia:

New Years of the world (aside from January 1):

January 7
Ethiopian Orthodox Church

January 14
Eastern Orthodox Church

between January 21 and February 21
Chinese, Vietnamese

January through March

March 19

March 20 or 21
Iran; Parsis (India), Zoroastrianism, Baha’i Faith, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Uighurs, Thelemic philosophy

March 26

March or April
Telugu, Andhra Pradesh, TamilNadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka (India); Sindhi of Pakistan

April 1

between April 13-15
Punjabi/Sikh, Nepal; Bengal (Bangladesh); Assam, Orissa, Manipur, Kerala (India), Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia; Yunnan Province (China)

Kutch (India and Pakistan)

September 11
Coptic Orthodox Church

September 16-18

between September and October
Gujarati Communities

October 30
Murador Tribe (Australia)

November 1

Now we know.

Thank God I saw the coming of 2012.

Dubai 2012

At exactly 0:00 of the year 2012, the fireworks started lighting up the Dubai Skyline that lasted for more than 8 minutes. The tallest fireworks in the world was presented by the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa. An amazing visual treat set in the heart of downtown Dubai as it welcomes the 12th year of the 2nd millenium.

Thanks to You Lord Jesus for allowing us to marvel at this spectacular scene.