Today’s bus schedule was such a lamer. I’m singling out bus no. 13A from Al Ahli bus stop going to Al Gusais Industrial Area 3.

#30 minutes of waiting was not good at all. This dampens the hopeful spirit of enthusiastic Greenline riders wanting to arrive early at their destinations.

“What to do?” is the word for this kind of days.

Well, thank God I reached the office safe and sound.

Lazy Morning Ride

I took my now usual transportation today:


Here’s how it went today:

5 mins.

I took bus # C26 from Al Diyafah bus stop to Al Jafliyah Metro Station. This is just a short distance – 5 minutes including waiting time. Neat.

20 mins.

Got on the Al Jafliyah Metro Redline and transferred to Union Metro Greenline in Deira and arrived at my destination at Stadium Metro Station in Al Nahda. This one is a very long ride, covering a number of areas – 20 minutes including waiting and transfer time. Standard.

This one blew my mind:

Waited a few minutes for the 13A bus at Al Nahda bus stop going to Al Gusais Industrial Area 3. Compared to the 1st bus ride, this is like 2 times the length, compared to the train ride, this is just a very short ride. The bus driver was so… i dont know how to describe him… but he takes his time crawling, I mean driving through the busy streets. The time it took? 30 minutes. This was such a lazy morning ride.

30 mins.

They can argue that they have a time schedule and they will be fined if they got there before their scheduled time. But guess what, the fine print says, these times (bus arrival timings) are subject to traffic conditions. LOL. I guess they wont be fined if they come in late.

There you go. Another day in life in Dubai.

Still, there is no reason not to thank the Lord Jesus for His grace, mercy and love.

Thank You Lord.