Shifted Minds

Yesterday, I was put in the pressure tank by my boss with an instant super-rush design job. He hardly left my side while the flyer design was being done. It was done in about half an hour later.

I felt my nape and head bang!… tension headache! This type usually takes over me for hours.

I was squirming in pain, I sneaked into the pantry, drank water (it’s Ramadan) and went straight to the comfort room and prayed.

My prayer was so intense I was practically shouting within me declaring words in the Bible about healing, saying “By You stripes I am healed, Lord Jesus!, You are the Great Healer” claiming these promises from the Lord.

I headed back to my desk and in a few minutes, the pain was gone.

This is the miracle: That the Lord Jesus turned around my mind from a perspective of pain into one of healing and serenity. Because my tension headache is my body’s reaction to stress, and the Lord shifted my focus from stress to His healing, and the pain was gone.

Indeed, His words are true and powerful.

Thank You Lord Jesus!

I’m free!