Last Friday’s Worship Service can be described in one word: AWESOME

From the Opening Prayer to the singing of Praise and Worship to the giving of God’s Word and to the Closing Prayer. It was all filled with power – the Power of the Holy Spirit. He was overflowing that day.

We longed for Him. He came. He answered.

We were overwhelmed.

Thank You Holy Father.
Thank You Precious Jesus.
Thank You Holy Spirit.

Silly Me

It was a Tuesday, and it was Praise & Worship practice night. I walked in the hall and my friends we’re all smiles… some were laughing.


I was wearing a HONG KONG t-shirt.

So what’s funny about that? Just the other day, 8 Chinese nationals died in a hostage situation in the Philippines and the Chinese were raging with anger.

Silly me… good thing I didn’t bump into some Chinese here in Dubai. My shirt could have been ripped off. Hehehe

We ended practice night worshiping the Lord Jesus with all our voices, our hearts and our spirits.

Nice Trip!

Yesterday, I received a surprise call from Joel. We get to ride in a yacht that night. But I had a previous engagement that I cannot cancel. I didn’t go with them.

Here are some of what I missed:


Nice view huh?

Is it like your car Joel?

Kuya Dads has the con!

Ah! Joel has the con!

Here’s how they light the bridges here in Dubai.

Nice set of skyscrapers!

This is the Burj Al Arab here in Dubai. That’s one huge Cross!

Thanks for the pics guys!

Shifted Minds

Yesterday, I was put in the pressure tank by my boss with an instant super-rush design job. He hardly left my side while the flyer design was being done. It was done in about half an hour later.

I felt my nape and head bang!… tension headache! This type usually takes over me for hours.

I was squirming in pain, I sneaked into the pantry, drank water (it’s Ramadan) and went straight to the comfort room and prayed.

My prayer was so intense I was practically shouting within me declaring words in the Bible about healing, saying “By You stripes I am healed, Lord Jesus!, You are the Great Healer” claiming these promises from the Lord.

I headed back to my desk and in a few minutes, the pain was gone.

This is the miracle: That the Lord Jesus turned around my mind from a perspective of pain into one of healing and serenity. Because my tension headache is my body’s reaction to stress, and the Lord shifted my focus from stress to His healing, and the pain was gone.

Indeed, His words are true and powerful.

Thank You Lord Jesus!

I’m free!

Rest in the Lord

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him.
-Psalm 62:1

As Tita Sol completed her journey and came back home to the Lord yesterday, 14th of August 2010 around 11am (GMT+8), I praise and thank God for her painless departure and for the family’s preparedness for this. I pray that the family continue their own journey with strength, peace and comfort knowing that their Mommy has gone ahead of them, back to the eternal presence of the King.

We remember you Tita Sol.

We love you.

We thank the Lord Jesus for your life.

How good it is.

How good it is to give thanks and praise the Lord!

…and so the song goes.

Singing praises to the Lord is how we usually pass time when the boys are together. Especially if Bro. Miniong, ehe, Tony and his amazing guitar is around.

I also miss Bro. Jones with his melodic OPMs most special of which is Awit ni Claire.

From the above photo, Bro. Tony, still in Dubai, recently joined a new company, Bro. Jones went back home last year, back to his wife and kids, Bro. Dennis is now an expectant father, my brother, Joel is whisking his way to and from Abu Dhabi, and me… same-same.

I learned here in Dubai with these guys that we can pass time without any alcohol or playing cards or cigarettes nor gossips and all… just singing praises to the Lord God.

I thank God for these opportunities.