Last night was Bible Study night in our group. We had a wonderful time learning from the Lord. The topic was “Passion for Service.” We were asked who, in the Bible or outside of it, would you like to emulate when it comes to being passionate.

Some of us chose Mary for her attentive ear to the Lord Jesus Christ. For one, the Apostle Paul, for his relentless pursuit for the lost. Another thought of a teacher – being a service-oriented calling, and some (teary-eyed as they were) chose their own mothers or wives, obviously, for the love they experienced as they shared their lives with them. Indeed, mothers are truly the love of God in human form. Amen to that!

As for me, I chose King David, not as a king but as a worshiper. He wrote most of the Psalms. He played the harp wonderfully, even soothing the spirit of King Saul. David is so passionate in worshiping and giving glory to God that he even went to the point of dancing naked, not minding his being a king, just to express himself to the Lord.

I love singing praises and worshiping God, giving Him all I am, offering to Him all the talents He has lent me, giving back what is due to Him (actually, everything is to be given back to Him… everything came from Him! and is made by Him and for Him alone!). How wonderful it is to write songs of praises and of worship to God, as David and the rest of the Psalmists did. I think, for me, that is my passion.

Yeah… I like King David.

and I love the Lord Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Passion

  1. kuya congratulations on you blogsite.. ill visit this once in a while.. nakaka inspire gumawa ng sariling blog for the glory of God. 🙂

  2. First thing for most kuya Jay I’m proud of you. You done your best as the same written in the bible Jesus said “well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful with a few things; I put you in charge of many things, Come and share your Master’s happiness!” (Mathew 25:23). As a servant of God have passion to served through worship being a worshiper like king david, the true worship it comes within us it involved body, soul and spirit. Passion to served that we tackle last night is very interesting (thanks to kuya Jun)passion to serve, passion to worship is the highest service to our God! Amen and God bless your good website.

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